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I'm Back.

2017-05-20 10:02:22 by DeleriumGD

Guess who is back?


2017-04-09 11:52:50 by DeleriumGD

Hello Everyone,


As some of you know, I am banned from Audio for a month as my song "Virtual Breakdown" had been made entirely out of 3rd party samples. Anyways, I will be trying to polish my skills in the meantime as suggested by LexaHergon in a response to my ban message. I hope Newgrounds can forgive me for not reading over the rules carefully, and I will not cross the rules again. Once my ban is over, I will be posting my Drum n Bass song "Brass Charge" immeaditely for you guys.


If you wish to hear it now, I will link my soundcloud so everyone can hear it now.


I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day.



Official Delerium Soundcloud Page: